Variational methods and elliptic PDE’s.


Organizer: Héctor Chang,

The purpose of this session will be to bring together specialists in the analysis of elliptic partial differential equations and variational problems. The broad range of problems in these areas and the interactions with other disciplines maintains nowadays an attractive and renovating interchange of ideas and techniques. By gathering some of the leading researchers in this session we expect to foment and strengthen the collaborations in the field.

Confirmed speakers

Mark Allen, Brigham Young University
Prof. Sigifredo Herrón, National University of Colombia in Medellín
Claudia Lederman, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Lauro Morales, Instituto de Matemáticas de la UNAM
Mircea Petrache, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Ovidiu Savin, Columbia University.
Mariana Smit Vega García, Western Washington University

If you are interested in giving a talk in this session please contact the corresponding organizer and Renato Iturriaga (, Pablo Padilla (