Survey sessions
Executive Committee

Fractional differential equations with nonstandard growth
Julian Fernandez Bonder (Argentina)

The Morse-decomposition of some non-autonomous problems
Alexandre Nolasco de Carvalho (Brazil)

On the exact controllability and stabilization for the Benney-Luke equation
José Quintero (Colombia)

Karakostas fixed point theorem and the existence of solutions for impulsive semilinear evolution equations with delays and nonlocal conditions
Hugo Leiva (Venezuela)

Blow up method for existence and non-existence of radial solutions for systems of quasilinear equations with weight, a revision.
Raul Manasevich (Chile)

Rafael de la Llave (USA)

Large time behavior of solutions to diffusion problems (local, non-local and non-linear)
Noemi Wolanski (Argentina)

Noise Impacts on Dynamical Systems
Yingfei Yi (Canada)